I try to be pretty diligent about writing a blog post on or around the 15th and the end of the month (30th/31st) but today I’m at a loss of words. I thought about writing about how incredibly disappointed I am that more theatre companies aren’t posting about what’s happening right now with the protests (thank you to the ones that have). I thought about writing a long post about how enough is enough and the police, as a militarized force, will always, always, always be the problem. Racism is systemic.

But I don’t have the energy. I’m trying to be more conscious of how these things get posted because this is all fucking triggering. I intend to keep adding to this Google folder the things that I witness firsthand:


I’m tired of the conversation being pushed to “they’re looting” or “they’re being violent.” The only violence done to another human being that I saw last night was from the police. Our systems are broken. #blacklivesmatter