Once upon a time, I wrote a list 31 plays you should check out ASAP. (And if you haven’t read those, what are you waiting for?)

When I wrote the list, I acknowledged it wasn’t very diverse. I also listed a lot of people I know personally. I’m not saying I don’t know anyone personally on this list but I wanted to expand who I was reading. So below are 20 more plays for you to read. Each one written by a BIPOC playwright and each one is on NPX*.

  1. Good Cuban Girls by Iraissa Ann Reilly
  2. Lyon’s Den by TJ Young
  3. Emergency Contact by Nick Malakhov
  4. Nollywood Dreams by Jocelyn Bioh
  5. Ghost of Bogota by Diana Burbano
  6. The Good Minister from Harare by June Carryl
  7. Saints Go Marching by Matt Barbot
  8. The Diplomats by Nelson Diaz-Marcano
  9. There and Back by Raul Garcia
  10. The Legend of… by Henry Kelly
  11. Scraps by Geraldine Inoa
  12. A Place to Belong by Marisela Treviño Orta
  13. Sanctuary by Milta Ortiz
  14. The Homecoming Queen by Ngozi Anyanwu
  15. In the Upper Room by Beaufield Barry
  16. The Woods by Jahna Ferron-Smith
  17. Whitelisted by Chisa Hutchinson
  18. Shining by Aidaa Peerzada
  19. Dream House by Eliana Pipes
  20. The Light by Loy Webb

*PS NaTosha DeVon isn’t on NPX but you should check her work out.

Seriously, y’all. There’s no excuse. Start reading more plays by writers who are not white (cis)men.

*ahem* Also, here are the original 31 on my old list in case you don’t click the link

NOTE: Not all these plays are by BIPOC playwrights. This first list was just highlighting women and GNC folk.

  1. Flex by Candrice Jones
  2. Always Plenty of Light at the Starlight All Night Diner by Darcy Parker Bruce
  3. We are a Masterpiece by Gina Femia
  4. Am I White by Adrienne Dawes
  5. 23 Opinions No One Wanted by Britt A. Willis
  6. Fukt by Emma Goldman-Sherman
  7. Babel by Jacqueline Goldfinger
  8. Alabaster by Audrey Cefaly
  9. they were dancing by Jaisey Bates
  10. In the End by Sharai Bohannon
  11. Black Super Hero Magic Mama by Inda Craig Galván
  12. Canopy bt Rachael Carnes
  13. Funny, Like an Abortion by Rachel Bublitz
  14. be mean to me by Sofya Levitsky-Weitz
  15. Tiny, Thin Woman Inside by Courtney Meaker
  16. Legacy Land by Stacey Rose
  17. Brilliant Works of Art by Donna Hoke
  18. Rain and Zoe Save the World by Crystal Skillman
  19. Pass Over by Michelle Tyrene Johnson
  20. Bathsheba’s Psalms, Or A Woman of Unusual Beauty Taking a Bath by April Ranger
  21. Sinner Man by Liz Maestri
  22. The Good Girl is Gone* by DW Gregory
  23. The Gun Show* by EM Lewis
  24. Carlo at the Wedding* by Bryna Turner
  25. How to Defend Yourself by Lily Padilla
  26. Thrive, Or What You Will by LM Feldman
  27. Your Best One* by Meredith Friedman
  28. The Man in the Sukkah by Deborah Yarchun
  29. Cercle Hermaphroditos by Shualee Cook
  30. Ash Tree by Georgina Escobar
  31. Hazardous Materials by Beth Kander