I love two things: travel & playwriting. Well, because I’m not a complete sociopath and I’m apparently somehow a Cancer, I love a lot of things, deeply.

But this blog is about my travels as I see the country through my playwright adventures. Will there be some helpful advice about maintaining a playwright career in this blog? Maybe. I’m barely doing it but hopefully, I have some tiny bits wisdom to depart.

Will this blog let you know the best coffee shops to cry in because you’ve got no idea how to end a play you sorta don’t even really want to work on anymore? YUP! Will this blog tell you the best bars to drink bourbon while staring at the fancy lawyers ordering cocktails, wondering how exactly you ended up being a [enter obscure playwright name here, a reference no one would get but you] instead of a Cochran? YES.  Will this blog…you get the idea.

Thanks for stopping by as we go on this crazy journey together.



Expect a new post on the 15th and 30th of each month.



Expect the word “expect” to be loosely defined.