A couple of you have reached out to me about my most recent post (thank you). I keep forgetting people actually read this blog. I’m okay. I just wanted to capture the moment. And it’s been an intense one. Since May, I lost my cat and my grandfather in the same week. I almost lost my dad who just got out of the hospital on Saturday and is still recovering. It just feels like I’ve been in “oh what now” mode.

But I’m okay. I have a place booked in Minneapolis for August and September (already paid for). And I have friends there. I am worried about what will happen when the money runs out and I need to find work but I have some time. My mom asked me a great question today:

“You’re so focused on work. Will you ever let yourself take a break?”

I gotta give myself a break. So anyway, am I stressed? Yes. Am I also okay? Yes.

I did another reading saying out loud: “I want to be more than what I do. I want an identity outside of work. I want a personal life. I want to have time to relax. I want to let go and see what happens.” Here are the cards I pulled focusing on that

Imma be alright.