While people are paying attention to me for my 15 minutes, I figured the best thing to do would be to write another list of 20 plays you should know about written by Black and/or queer playwrights 🙂

  1. Why Are You Like This? by Sharai Bohannon
  2. A Medusa Thread by Candrice Jones
  3. As Is: Conversations with Big Black Women in Confined Spaces by Stacey Rose
  4. A Picture of Two Boys by Nick Malakhov
  5. Hell Is Empty by TJ Young
  6. Hairy & Sherri by Adrienne Dawes
  7. Maiden Voyage by Cayenne Douglas
  8. The Green Book Wine Club Train Trip by Michelle Tyrene Johnson
  9. Blood Quinces by Krysta Gonzales
  10. Mila, Disaster Lover by AJ Maryn
  11. The Kingdom of Ghosts by Darcy Parker Bruce
  12. Parker and the City in the Sea by Ian August
  13. This Vessel Is a Fragile Thing by Britt A Willis
  14. Swimming with Whales by Bob Bartlett
  15. when we breathe by Jaisey Bates
  16. meet you at the Galaxy Diner by Gina Femia
  17. Stand and Wait by Eliana Pipes
  18. Alamar by David Valdes
  19. confirm me by Heesun Hwang
  20. Once Upon a (korean) Time by Daniel K. Isaac

All of these plays are on the New Play Exchange. This is not a comprehensive list and a lot of my faves are missing. This is just the names that popped into my head while sitting down for 15 minutes.