Surprise blog post! You’ll want to read this one. (Unless you don’t live in Arkansas. If you don’t live in Arkansas, skip this one.)

Q: Hey, Rach. I heard a rumor

A: Well, first off. Only like five people can call me “Rach” so check yourself.

Q: Um, okay. But about that rumor though.

A: I love rumors. What’s up?

Q: It’s a rumor about you. 

A: Messy. Love it even more. What is it? 

Q: Are you moving?

A: Oh. Yes. I am. 


A: I’ll try to do that one at a time. The answer to what is yes, I’m moving. To where, Madison, Wisconsin. To when, January 2020. 


A: The December 15th blog post will address this. I did start to write a different blog post about failure that’s a bit of a bummer (you can read it here) but I want to take another approach to it.  

Q: So I have to wait to hear why?

A: Yes. 

Q: Okay, fine. Why Madison?

A: You gotta wait for that too, buddy. Short answer, I got a job there and too many things started lining up for me to say no. Also also, I’ve had a hard time surviving in Arkansas and I’ve gotten stuck in a toxic cycle that I need to break.  

Q: Are you moving there forever?

A: Have you met me? I don’t do anything forever. It’s a temporary position (more on that later) and technically, I’m splitting my time between Northwest Arkansas and Madison. So really I’ll be living in both cities.

Q: Wait. What?

A: Well, I’m still working on the play for the 360 grant, Josh is staying, and ultimately, this is most likely temporary. Think of it as a long vacation. That lasts 1-2 years. 

Q: So, you’re not really leaving?

A: If it helps for you to look at it that way, yeah. Not really. 

Q: So you’ll be around all the time? Why are you even saying you’re moving?

A: Wait a minute. I am leaving. All that I’m saying is I’ll be back in Arkansas at least four different times next year to work on the play and…you know, visit my husband who will be staying in Arkansas. 

Q: But what about the playwright collective you were going to start?

A: Hmmm. Good question. I tried to start one before and it didn’t go well. And I saw myself falling into the same failures as before. I also need some space from Arkansas so I can come back with fresh eyes. I need like a re-charge.

Q: Okay. Fair. But wait. January 2020 is next month. Will we have time to see you?

A: There’s the question I was waiting for. Listen up, buddies. The next couple of weeks are going to be STRESSFUL. So if you wanna hang out, you have from now until December 21st. After that, I’m out of town from Dec 23rd – Jan 7th. January 8th, I’m packing. And driving up January 9th and 10th. So, you know, not a lot of time. 

Q: Here’s a stupid question. Will you be holding office hours?

A: YES. Sort of. As in I’m keeping my schedule as clear as possible so I can see and hang out with people before I go. 

Q: Are you going to do a goodbye party?

A: Not my style. I like one-on-one interactions better. Not knocking anyone else’s style. A goodbye party would make this all a lot easier but I kind of turn into a different person in large crowds. I can work a room but no substantial conversation happens. For me, anyway.  ALTHOUGH I will be doing a slam show on either Dec 18th or Dec 19th to preview my one-person show so I guess that counts as a potential goodbye party.

Q: I have two really big questions for you but I’m getting the sense I can’t ask them.

A: That instinct is correct. 

Q: Well here’s a different big question: Are you sure you’re coming back? Like, big picture. Outside of the grant and Josh. What happens if you don’t want to come back?

A: Then I don’t. I’m not making a lot of major decisions right now. I’m just focused on doing the next right thing. 

Q: When are the Frozen 2 references going to stop?

A: Probably never. My Dec 15th post will be called “The Next Right Thing (blog edition).” Unless I change my mind and make it “Step Into Your Power.” Which is also a Frozen reference so…probably never.